OTC Logistics Successfully Executes Coil Tubing Rail Project


Introduction: OTC Logistics, a leading transportation and logistics provider, recently completed a successful coil tubing rail project. The project involved transporting numerous coiled tubing reels from a site in Houston, Texas, to a rail spur, loading, lashing, and securing them to rail cars, and transporting them to Anchorage, Alaska. The largest reel transported measured 192”x126”x180” and weighed 142,000lbs. This case study details the successful execution of the project by OTC Logistics.

Background: OTC Logistics was approached by a new client with a requirement to transport multiple oversized coiled tubing reels from Houston to Anchorage within a tight deadline. The client needed the reels for a critical project, and any delay would result in significant losses. OTC Logistics had to develop a plan that would ensure the timely transportation of the reels while ensuring their safety and security during transit.

Project Execution: OTC Logistics executed the project with precision, adhering to strict safety standards throughout the transportation process. The project team loaded the reels onto rail cars and secured them using custom-made lashing equipment. They also ensured that the reels were protected from damage during transit by providing appropriate cushioning and support.

OTC Logistics coordinated closely with the rail operators to ensure that the rail cars were on time and that any potential issues were addressed promptly. The team also provided regular updates to the client on the progress of the project, ensuring that they were aware of any delays or issues.

Result: OTC Logistics successfully transported multiple rail cars of oversized coiled tubing reels from Houston to Anchorage ahead of schedule, meeting the client’s requirements. The project team’s fast and efficient execution ensured that the client’s critical project was not delayed and that their project needs were met within the required timeframe.

Conclusion: OTC Logistics demonstrated its expertise in managing complex transportation projects with the successful execution of the coil tubing rail project. The project’s success was a result of the team’s careful planning, attention to detail, and commitment to safety and efficiency. OTC Logistics continues to provide reliable and efficient transportation solutions to its clients, ensuring that their critical projects are completed on time and within budget.

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